How it works

How it works

Become a partner in 4 easy steps!

Step 1

Together with a personal partner experience advisor, you will create your dream experiences. Don’t worry, you stay in control of what you want to offer, we just help you with the paperwork and give ideas.

There are no limitations, we’d love to think outside of the box and create something special for our clients but insist that you feel comfortable with the offerings. Therefore we don’t ask for any discounts either.

Step 2

Once your products or services are published on our platform you are ready to receive your international guests. But not before you get paid right? That’s correct, according to our contract, we will pay you before your visitors visit you or use your services.

When a guest is interested in your experience and wants to use it, they can make a reservation via telephone with you directly. We don’t interfere but only strongly advise you to note down the Mojo card number and check if it's valid. This card number you need to enter in our system together with the date the experience takes place. When we have this information, we know when to pay.

Step 3

On the day of the reservation we simply ask you to provide your service in the best possible way. It’s important for us that our clients leave satisfied and with a smile on their face.

Step 4

Your guests enjoyed your experience and the time of their life. They will start telling about it, to us, to their friends, colleagues, family. Their enthusiasm will create a buzz and the word of mouth will create other reservations. Good vibes, positive people, that’s the Mojo Charm.

100 % Risk Free

Partnering with Mojo Gift brings you tons of benefits. We don’t ask for management fees. We work transparently and effortless. We support local businesses and freelancers and embrace fair trade. We don’t ask for discounts and we strive to pay before the experience takes place. Becoming a partner of Mojo Gift means growing your business without any risk.

Growing together

We are constantly looking to expand our range of high-quality experiences and boutique products around the world. When we add an experience to our portfolio, we make sure that the service and quality our customers can expect are unique.

We have hundreds of Mojo gift boxes at various price levels so we’re confident to fit your experiences or boutique prodcuts in. We love to grow together: You will receive more customers and we grow the number of dream experiences around the world.